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    2. Hamilton Printing & Sign Shop

      In today’s rapidly changing global market, promotional messages need to be continuously updated to provide clients with valuable information, and to stay ahead of the competition. The owners of Premier Printing & Signs Ltd. understands this, so in 2001 they opened their doors as a full-service, one-stop supplier of exceptional quality print materials and signs for greater Hamilton area companies. For 16 years we have been helping small to large size businesses with all of their print and interior / exterior signage needs. We eliminate the headaches from dealing with multiple vendors by designing, copying, printing, manufacturing, distributing and installing all of the branding and advertising solutions that your business requires, at the most affordable rates in the sign and print industry.

      The expert sign and print team at Premier Printing & Signs Ltd. also knows just how challenging running a business can be. Your printed materials and signage leave a lasting impression on existing and potential clients, so it’s important that they are presented in an attractive and highly visible manner, and deliver a positive message. Whether you place a standard or rush order, our print shop guarantees superior quality workmanship, and our rapid production speed ensures that your signs and print materials are delivered on time. All printing and signage orders are examined and reviewed throughout our production process so that we know you’re getting exactly what you asked for! As Hamilton’s leading sign and printing supply company, we offer a number of print and sign products and services:

      • Business cards
      • Brochures, postcards & flyers
      • Presentation folders
      • Labels
      • Product literature
      • Books
      • Other print products
      • P.O.P. displays
      • Posters
      • Banners
      • Window displays
      • Storefront signage
      • Illuminated signs
      • Plastic, magnetic & wood signs
      • A-frame signs
      • Other signage
        Vehicle graphics
      • Vehicle lettering
      • Vehicle graphics
      • Vehicle wraps

      Over the past 16 years we have earned our reputation as the number one sign and print supply company in Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Grimsby, Burlington, Milton, Ancaster and Dundas due to our reliable products and services, commitment to superior quality, fast turnaround times, exceptional customer service and low pricing. Premier Printing & Signs Ltd. can help you run your business successfully; let us take care of your printing and sign needs, so that you can concentrate on doing what you do best!

      Hamilton Printing

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      Books Printing

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      Presentation Folders Printing

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      Other Print Products

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